You just never know what to expect at the Saturday Art Club. Between printing and sticking and glittering Xmas cards, I found myself explaining Pointilism to 5 & 6 year olds! Which was then followed by a rush to the art books, computer, iPad and paint brushes to investigate the technique.

On the other side of the studio, a mural was being painted for Splatz – the children’s play area that sits alongside the Whistle Art Stop on the Hadrian Enterprise Park.

In my usual style, I dashed around creating chaotic mayhem that thrilled the kids … and unlocking everyone’s creative juices. Accompanied by strong coffee and blueberry muffins … and of course the kids sweetie drawer … we had a great session!

So if you have not already been down to see what we get up to, why not come on down next Saturday 10 – 2pm and bring your imagination with you!