Our first Saturday Art Club! And what fun it was. I always think that if you can influence one person’s life then it is all worth it, but when you have a room full of people all inspired by each other then it’s more than a bonus. The Whistle Art Stop has the space to encourage people of all ages to engage in art of all types. We had collage going on in one corner; charcoal drawing in another; pastels, printing and painting and in the kid’s area a father was creating amazing things with Play-doh .. I think his children might even have been doing some! Yes, there were little ones running around (usually pursued by the puppy) but there was such an atmosphere of absorption that no one seemed to mind in the slightest. At many times, the studio had only the sounds of the art materials as everyone was so engrossed in their creativity.

Saturday Art Club

Next week, we are going to be creating 3D Autumn gardens … I already have my homework and I sent the kids off to collect things from their gardens to bring in next Saturday. I have an idea to make the gardens into lightboxes.

The parents are already working on their own paintings and went to get more ideas and research artists. We will be stretching canvases and doing preliminary sketches before starting the paintings. We have also acquired a potters wheel and hope to get that in use very soon.

These events are currently FREE! Just drop in between 10 and 3pm (last entry 2pm) and pick up a brush!