As I settle into my new studio, people often drop in for a coffee and a chat now. Some have been bringing things for us to use in our workshops and for the projects which I am collecting with great gratitude! What is most fascinating though is hearing the stories and history of the old Paint Works. Some of the warehouses are still full of the old paints left behind after the closure. Peter, the site caretaker, tells stories of the things that used to happen in the ‘old days’ and John, the joiner, remembers dancing in the Dining Room. The Dining Room is where we want to open an exhibition centre. The decor inside it might remind you of the Titanic and that’s because the fittings came from an auction of the contents from one of the Titanic’s sister ships!

I’m really keen to start a documentary project about the history of the site!

Did you work or someone you know work at the Paint Works?  You might even have worked in the Label Store? How were you affected when it closed down? How did the town suffer? Tell us your story!